Bertil, To Gekås and Back – a roadmovie is the first documentary with Beritl Nilsson as the protagonist. The film was recorded on August 1:st and 2:nd 2008 on Gekås Ullared. It was ready in the fall of 2009.


Lost In Oslo is the second production starring Bertil Nilsson. In this short feature film we travel with Bertil to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Unfortunately there are complications and Bertil gets lost. We get to follow him as he tries to find his way. Lost In Oslo is a short feature about how a lost and lonely man finds a city full of kindness and compassion. The film was recorded the 15th through the 19th of December 2009 on location in Oslo. It was ready for distribution Fall of 2010.    

More productions with Bertil as the protagonist is planned. The aim is to create a series in which we can follow Bertil through different circumstances and surroundings. Bertil faces a changed world and gives understanding and joy to us all.

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